You can do anything in live is bullshit

Have you ever been to one of those seminars where you learn how to walk on fire? Or on glass or whatever they make you do you would never try at home? During those seminars they tell you, you can do anything you want. You don’t have to live the life you live now if you don’t want it. You just have to step out of your comfort zone. Euh, just and step out and comfort zone… words that don’t match according to me. During a whole day these masters of speech confront you with yourself and what they call “bad habits” that you can change if you want a better life. So basically they tell you you’re not good enough and you should change? Not sure that’s the right way.
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Of course I can manage

How many times I’ve said that, because I can. I can manage two kids, a full time job, another almost full time job with its issues and problems to solve, keeping the house clean, meanwhile a family member who dies and 6 months later another family member who dies, ”this time more sudden than expected”, a car that breaks down, the new puppy dog that shits in the “#Ijustcleanedthehouse …. And I’m not telling you every detail about the inheritance problems neither about what happened before nor what is still to happen…
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Duizend en één boeken en de 40 hulpjes

Vandaag de dag schrijft iedereen een boek, over zijn leven, over hoe je de dingen moet aanpakken, hoe je een” vol” leven leidt, wat spiritueler bent en ga zomaar door. Plots wordt iedereen een schrijver van liefst bestsellers. Er bestaan zelfs cursussen voor boeken schrijven en ook nog eens op “verplaatsing” dan krijg je meer creatieve ingevingen zeg maar. Ieder onder ons heeft al wel zo’n boek gekocht, want oh ja dat wil ik nu eens leren, of ik herken me hier wel in, hoe zou die dat hebben opgelost, hoe kan ik leren.... en ga zomaar door.
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