Of course I can manage!


How many times I’ve said that, because I can. I can manage two kids, a full time job, another almost full time job with its issues and problems to solve, keeping the house clean, meanwhile a family member who dies and 6 months later another family member who dies, ”this time more sudden than expected”, a car that breaks down, the new puppy dog that shits in the “#Ijustcleanedthehouse …. And I’m not telling you every detail about the inheritance problems neither about what happened before nor what is still to happen…

Anyway, I’m sure you all went through this at one point. And I’m sure everyone told you: “How do you manage?” And you would say something like “Well, I have to, there’s no other option, I have to move forward…. You saw it? I and I and I….

Honestly, I’m proud of you! I know you can manage! I know you did perfectly well until now and you will do perfectly well for a much longer time than you expected.  Congratulations! Well done!

I’m not being sarcastic really, I know because I did the same, and it worked out perfectly, for a much longer time than I actually had to.  Until I got this burn-out. A what! A burn-out? No, not me, that’s for weaker people, that’s for the nice ones, who can’t handle, I can handle, I can manage!

I’ve been through these moments too, long time ago. I thought I could handle everything, until I got this burn-out. The creepiest moment I had in life I think. Usually I’m always calm, I mean, I react in a rather calm way to situations, but that one day, I was so mad because a lady took my parking spot that I went totally off the hook, I yelled at her, and I’m not telling you what ugly things I said, but it was out-of-control! Someone I know saw me doing this and called me afterwards asking me if I was ok. And that’s when I realized, I wasn’t ok, something was seriously wrong.

Went to the doctor and there it was, the B word, burn-out! What was I going to do, I had no time to be in a burn-out, I had so many things to do…

Anyway, after 10 months and lots of trainings and coaching sessions I climbed out of it, I was being myself more than ever. If I had known at that time what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have come to this point of …., well….., out-of-control.

Today, I can say, I can handle all of the above, because I’ve learned how to say no, I’ve learned how to ask for help when needed, I’ve learned where my boundaries are and honestly I gained more respect from others by sometimes not doing things.

I have 2 fulltime jobs, 2 teenagers at home, 2 dogs whereof one is still sh…..ing in the #justcleanedthehouse, there are still issues about the inheritance in my family and my car did broke down and I’m calm, dealing with every issue at the time, with help and pauses to rest and enjoy life. Because I learned how to deal with it.

I can manage and you can do too! And it’s called burn-out prevention.